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TIME Magazine names MOMMIE a Book of the Year for 2016 by Maria Mayer Feng

I am excited to share that TIME magazine has picked the 25 best photography books of the year for 2016—and one of them was Arlene Gottfried's MOMMIE, which I was honored to design!

Arlene and I put the first draft of this book together in 2012, when I was very pregnant with my first son. We spent a lot of time together editing the images down to the selection in the book, and then I designed the interior and cover. I hand-bound it and made 2 copies, one for her and one for myself as a studio copy. And with that, she went out to approach publishers. Eventually, PowerHouse in Brooklyn published it and engaged me as the designer—and it came out EXACTLY the way the dummy looked, which made Arlene and I very proud and happy. Congratulations, Arlene!