My mission is to capture your most treasured personal memories in custom-made, heirloom-quality books. The final products rival books you could have picked up in a museum book store. However, each book is so personal, that it allows you to relive your captured memories as vividly as if you had stepped back in time.

I have been designing luxurious, custom made photo books and paper goods for over 12 years. My clients are Fortune 500 executives and prominent personas of the entertainment and tech industry, and anyone who cherishes a well made book. 

In my pre-US life I was a Social Worker, and I have always been drawn to other people’s stories. I studied Documentary photography in Germany as well as at the International Center of Photography, and hold a Master's from Tisch/NYU. Prior to moving to New York I have lived in Romania, Germany and Switzerland. I am married to Andy and have two little boys.

photo: Eva Reinhofer

photo: Eva Reinhofer