Our Process

You make the memories, and we help you hold on to them.  Our mission is to capture your most treasured moments in custom-made, heirloom-quality photo books.

Our Process

We love to begin with a brief consultation in person or on the phone, where we’ll chat about any project you might have in mind. In addition to learning about the book you’d like to make, we take into account your tastes and preferences so that we can create books that are truly “one of a kind.” No one in the world will have the exact same book (unless you’d like us to make multiples for family members or friends!). Once we have a sense of your project, we will be able to discuss pricing and timing with you.

Then, let us do the heavy lifting. Simply provide us with your material — photos, as well as keepsakes such as children’s artwork, invitations, heirlooms, and anything else you can imagine — and we’ll sort through and draw out a story, with as much or as little creative input from you as you’d like to provide. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we will honor your memories, and transform them from things lost in boxes and hard drives into treasured pieces that will last. During the design process, we are extremely accessible to you, making it a fun and painless process!

Annual Family Books

A word on our annual family books... while all books are tailored to the unique material, we offer annual books in a more streamlined form for those looking to build a family library year by year. At the start of a new year, gain control over your photos and memorabilia from the prior year by handing them over to us. We can take a year’s worth of your raw photos and keepsakes, edit them down and design an exquisite book that will tell the story of your year. These family books are available at a flat annual fee. Please shoot us an email with a brief description of your needs to receive more details and info on pricing.

“You capture our story”

I love the album. It’s amazing how you manage to capture our story without having ever met us. Truly impressive!

- S.G., London

“Simply extraordinary”

THE BOOKS ARE AMAZING!! So beautiful on the shelf, so beautiful inside, so beautiful. I love them.

- A.A.

“Over the moon”

We are over the moon with that book. It was a huge hit. We had an open house for out of towners. I left the book out on the living room coffee table, and so many people told me what a masterpiece it is.

- C.L.