Gift Certificates

A large amount of the books we design end up being given as gifts on special occasions. If you would like to bypass the work and give the gift of making a book to someone directly, we offer two types of gift certificates, which each provide a different type of service as described below. Both are sent as paper certificates in a beautiful 7x7 inch gift box with details for the recipient.


The Concierge Service Gift Certificate gives the recipient a full-service book design experience. All they have to do is provide us with access to the photo files and memories, and we'll take care of the editing, organizing and design. Of course, they are welcome to be involved in the process if they like. Then, in a few weeks, they will be presented with a beautifully designed and expertly finished 12x12 inch 300-page book with a curated version of their photographs.   



The Design Service Gift Certificate provides a beautiful custom-finished book that is comparable to the Concierge Service Gift Certificate, but requires the recipient to edit their images down to an organized selection of material (on a USB drive or sent online).  The end result is a beautifully designed and finished 10x10 inch 300-page book with their material. The Design Service Gift Certificate comes at a lower price than the Concierge Service Gift Certificate.


See our FAQ page for further details.

Email us to buy a gift certificate, and don't hesitate to reach out should you have questions.